The Publishing House

The Peda Publishing House in Passau has been producing works in the field of art and architectural photography since the 1980s. Peda Publications specialise in Europe, from Echternach to Ephesos, from Prague to Potsdam, from Rome to Rügen, from the Wies Church to Vienna. Pride of place in the Peda Collection goes to the series of large and small artistic and church guides to churches, monasteries, castles, towns and excavation sites. This series contains several hundred titles.
The company’s aim is to provide the general public with access to art and culture, religion and theology, archaeology and history. Superb photographs are harmoniously complemented by informative texts. The photographs are taken by company owner Gregor Peda, who trained at Warsaw Academy of Photography and Film. The texts are written by a team of expert authors. Experienced native speakers translate the texts into all major European languages.

The product range also includes a wide variety of further products such as illustrated books, brochures, posters, series of slides, picture postcards, concertina folders, flyers.

We are happy to provide advice and assistance for your projects at every phase – from the initial concept right through to publication!